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From designing and planning out your backyard oasis to putting in the last screw, B&B Backyards works with you every step of the way to ensure you are not only content but enthusiastic about your new outdoor living space. Combining old - fashioned and proved building technique with new 3D digital layouts and high quality modern materials, B&B offers that magazine  quality backyard every time.  

M E E T   T H E   O W N E R S 


Growing up in a small town, Caleb and Kurt had to keep themselves occupied.
Whether building dirt bike ramps or fixing cars; they were raised working with their hands.
In the process, they learned the ins and outs of handiwork and fell in love with it in the process.

While Caleb was building his family home with his father, It was here that he learned quality workmanship and a few too many life lessons.
"If you take shortcuts, it will take you longer in the end. If you do it right the first time, you won’t have to do it again”.
With Caleb’s education in business, propensity for entrepreneurship, and knack for all things construction… he started B&B Backyards alongside his partner.

Growing up athletic and adventurous, Kurt was always up for a challenge.
After gaining an education in Marketing, Kurt was ready to apply everything he learned to B&B… with everything he had riding on its success.
Four  years later, Kurt continues to push the boundaries as B&B has grown from fencing and decks, to a full landscaping service with whole-home contracting prowess.

Few people have a friendship as close as Caleb and Kurt, and even fewer can transform this into a successful business venture.
With B&B Backyards you can count on three things:
Quality. Experience. Accountability.

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